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StayClear Anti-Fog & Anti-Static
StayClearâ„¢ - Makes Your World More Visible!

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StayClearTM Anti-Fog & Anti-Static

  • Works on Glass and Plastics
  • 100% Biodegradable, Non-Toxic Formula

StayClear™ comes as soft gel in a 1oz flip-top cup that cleans and coats glass and plastic surfaces with a protective coating that prevents fogging and static cling on surfaces, such as:

  • Swimmers' Goggles
  • Snow Skier Goggles
  • Helmet Shields
  • Eyeglass/Sunglasses
  • Industrial Safety Glasses
  • Scuba Divers' Masks
  • Bathroom Mirrors
  • Automotive and Boat Windshields

Bathroom Mirrors and Shower Doors: After a hot shower when the mirror or door is a little moist, dab it with StayClearTM then spread around with a clean, dry, cotton towel. Work a small area at a time. Between applications simply wipe with a clean, dry cloth.

Car and Boat Windshields: Apply on the inside of the windshield, buff as described above.

For Paintball Players: We recommend using StayClearTM throughout the games, especially if you get ‘GOGGED’ and need to thoroughly clean the paint off of your mask. Try to avoid heavy moisture on and around your face…use a headband/bandana to absorb the sweat and treat both your eyeglasses and masks.

Application Instructions:

Dab a SMALL amount of the GEL with your finger and place some on the front and backside of one lens or mask. Spread the gel with fingertips until both sides of the lens are completely covered. Buff with a soft lint free cotton cloth to remove the haze, then apply and buff the other lens in the same manner. StayClear TM is temporary and water-soluble; therefore, long water use will remove the StayClearTM protective coating and reapplication is needed. See product insert for complete details and instructions. DO NOT ALLOW CONTACT WITH EYES.

How Often To Use: Use as often as you like, or no less than about three (3) times a week, or every other day in humid environments. Industrial, military, law enforcement and EMS environments may require daily usage to prevent fogging and static.

StayClear is temporary and water-soluble; therefore, long water use will remove the StayClear protective coating and reapplication is needed.

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